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Ohio License # – 49872
Furnace Repair in London, OH

Top 5 Reasons You May Need A Furnace Repair In London

There is no doubt that our furnaces are an important appliance in our home which helps keep our home environment comfortable. However, due to the excessive usage especially in the winter season, they often require repair and maintenance services.

It is very important for you to make sure you select a reputed company for furnace repair and maintenance services to ensure you do not have to get your furnace repair repeatedly as this can prove to be costly in the long run. We at Perfection Contracting LLC provide top-notch furnace repair and maintenance services to ensure the repair lasts long. Our team of servicemen are expert and highly-qualified. The satisfaction of our customers is what we strive for. If you would like to learn more about us and why you shall choose us, you may visit the link.

In this blog, we have listed some of the common reasons that may require you to get a service for furnace repair in London.

Reasons For Furnace Repair In London

We understand that it is not easy to find a reputed company for furnace repair services in London and it is very common for us to neglect the maintenance and repair services of our furnace but in order to ensure you avoid bigger furnace problems you must get your furnace repaired as soon as possible if you detect any of the issue listed below.

There are several common causes for furnace repair in London. Some of the most frequent issues that homeowners may encounter include:

Dirty or clogged filters

Over time, furnace filters can become clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. This can cause the furnace to work harder than it needs to, leading to reduced efficiency and increased energy bills. Changing the filter regularly can help prevent this issue.

Therefore, it is highly recommended by the experts of furnace repair in London to get the filters of your furnace regularly changed. Not only does this problem cause the furnace to work harder and lead to an increase in utility bills but it also decreases the quality of the air that you breath inside your home, as the air does not get filtered properly with or leads to a faulty air flow system.

Hence, it is best to contact a professional HVAC company to regularly inspect and change the filters of your furnace.

Ignition problems

Furnaces may experience ignition problems if the pilot light is malfunctioning, the thermocouple is faulty, or the ignition control module is not working properly. This can prevent the furnace from heating your home properly and may require professional repair.

Blower motor issues

The blower motor is responsible for circulating warm air throughout your home. If it is not working properly, you may notice reduced airflow or no airflow at all. This can be caused by a malfunctioning motor or other issues.

Thermostat problems

If your thermostat is not working properly, it may not be sending the right signals to your furnace. This can lead to inconsistent heating or no heating at all. Thermostat issues may be caused by faulty wiring, a malfunctioning thermostat sensor, or other issues.

Lack of maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance can also lead to furnace issues. Without regular inspections and tune-ups, minor issues can develop into major problems over time. This can lead to costly repairs or the need for a furnace replacement.


By understanding these common causes for furnace repair in London, homeowners can take steps to prevent issues from occurring and address them promptly when they do. Regular maintenance and professional repair can help ensure that your furnace runs smoothly and keeps your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.

If you would like to avail of our furnace repair and maintenance services, feel free to contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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