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Ohio License # – 49872
Furnace Safety Do’s And Don’ts By Furnace Repair London

Furnace Safety Do’s And Don’ts By Furnace Repair London

To ensure the safety of your house and family, you should follow a few hard and fast rules when using a furnace. If proper safety measures aren’t taken, there’s always a chance that someone could get hurt or perhaps die when working with natural gas. You may rest assured that today’s furnaces are risk-free and will reliably maintain a comfortable temperature in your home with minimal work from you. 

However, by following the essential safety precautions of expert furnace repair in London, you can guarantee that your furnace will function properly and safely at all times, even when it’s most needed.

Furnace Safety Do’s and Don’ts to Help Keep Your Furnace Operating Efficiently.

Do Use the Right Contractor 

Only use a furnace repair in London, registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), as not all are made equal. When you see this seal of approval, you know the contractor has met the standards for competence and safety necessary to work in your house.

Do Keep it Well Lit

Most furnace rooms have inadequate lighting. There are times, however, when you require good lighting, such as checking the furnace or arranging maintenance. If you want to be prepared for any kind of power loss, you should always have a rechargeable flashlight in your furnace room.

Do Allow for Air Flow

Your heater and water tank use energy sources that must be vented to the outside, including electricity and fuels. This being said, follow these guidelines to guarantee adequate airflow to your furnace:

Do Have Annual Maintenance Performed 

Having your furnace serviced once a year will keep it operating securely and help save your heating costs. If your furnace has to work harder to heat your home because of filthy filters or other small issues, you can expect higher energy costs and an increased fire risk.

Do Clear The Floor and Area Around Your Furnace of Debris and Dust

Remove any clutter surrounding your furnace’s air intakes and vents. Get rid of anything resting against your heater or stacked too low to prevent it from toppling. Throw away old filters as soon as they become clogged, rather than letting them collect dust on the floor or beside the heater.

Do Have an Emergency Plan 

Even if you take every precaution, accidents might still occur; therefore, you need a backup plan. Make sure everyone in the house is familiar with the location of the gas main shutoff valve. Anyone who detects a gas odor should immediately turn off the gas and evacuate the building without turning on any lights or electrical devices. Then contact the gas company and fire department in your area for assistance.

Do Test Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Suppose there is a problem with your furnace. In that case, it can leak deadly carbon monoxide into your home, but if you test your detectors periodically, you will be alerted before anyone is exposed.

Don’t Make Repairs on Your Own 

Fixing the furnace yourself is a fun project if you’re the do-it-yourself kind. DIY furnace repair is risky, even though you can probably find a video tutorial on how to do it on YouTube. Since natural gas is highly combustible, it is imperative that only trained professionals undertake any necessary repairs, even if it appears that the problem has been resolved.

Don’t Leave Flammable Items Near the Furnace 

There is always the risk of starting a fire if you use flammable materials and keep them too close to a heat-generating appliance. Don’t store flammable materials (such as garments or half-used paint cans) in close proximity to the heating system.

Don’t Leave Clutter Around the Furnace 

Since proper furnace operation requires enough airflow, it is important to remove not only combustibles but also anything else that may be in the area. Make sure your furnace has enough room for proper ventilation to operate securely and properly.


The easiest way to avoid making substantially greater repairs when something catastrophic goes wrong with your furnace is to invest a small amount of money in furnace repair in London.

Perfection Contracting LLC is one of the leading HVAC company in London, Ohio, offering heat and cooling services to optimize your air conditioning, furnaces, and heating systems.

Your personal checks and routine professional maintenance visits are part of furnace maintenance. Follow these procedures for maximum furnace safety:

  • Your phone can remind you to change the furnace filters every month to three months.
  • Make a brief inspection of your furnace to check for any rust when changing your filter.
  • Keep an ear out for any odd sounds coming from your furnace.
  • Make appointments for your furnace’s yearly fall maintenance so it will be ready to use when the temperature drops.

Following these dos and don’ts allows you to keep your house warm all winter while maintaining furnace safety. Make an appointment for a furnace and HVAC in London, Ohio by contacting us.

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