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Ohio License # – 49872
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3 Problems To Call For Furnace Repair in London

With the temperature dropping every day, you might have turned on your furnace already. But how difficult can your winters be if your furnace is not working properly? Well, all you will be doing then is looking for ways to keep yourself warm instead of enjoying the Christmas days. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore; we have your back. This article mentions the most common furnace repair and servicing problems for which you should hire professional services from Furnace Repair in London. Perfection Contracting LLC is the most trusted service provider to fix your furnace problems. We have all the necessary equipment, skills, and strategies to ensure your furnace’s smooth functioning and long life.

Problems To Call For Furnace Repair in London

Here are the top 3 problems to call for Furnace Repair in London and get professional furnace fixing and servicing help:

Ignition Issues

If you have any ignition issues with your furnace, it is the right time to call for the professional help from HVAC Contractors in London, Ohio. There are different types of ignition problems having other root causes. The ability to find the root cause and then treat the problem is only present in professional technicians who understand the system. Moreover, professional repair service providers have experience fixing different furnaces efficiently. In modern systems, intermittent pilot light or surface ignition system serves as an ignition source.

A decrease in the thermostat will enable the furnace to switch on. This will allow the flow of electricity through the ignitor, improving the environment’s temperature. If the ignition source is not working properly, you will not get good heating results.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Tripped circuit breaker problems are also efficiently handled by professional Heat Pump Services. If your furnace turns down suddenly, there might be a problem with the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker can get damaged due to access load. Before you call for professional help, ensure your circuit breaker is set to the “ON” position. Only seek help from furnace repair services if your circuit breaker is on but still not working.

Moreover, circuit breakers with overactivity can lead to a tripling of the circuit. As a result, you will have to face some malfunctions like system turn-down that are repaired by experts only.

Burner Requires Maintenance

A very important component of a furnace is the burner. These burners are mainly responsible for heating the air in your home through ductwork. Burners are very likely to get clogged by dust or dirt. This is why it is important to ensure their cleanliness and maintenance regularly.

If your burner is not working properly, the energy consumption will increase, but the output will decrease. This will lead to an increase in electricity bills. So make sure to maintain your burner once so you don’t have to pay hefty prices again and again. Call Heating and Air Solutions to help you fix this issue.


This was about the most common problems for which you must ask for professional Furnace Repair in London. Now, whenever you encounter these problems with your furnace, call professional help. Perfection Contracting LLC is always available to fix your furnace issues offering the most affordable packages you ever want. We also provide furnace servicing and maintenance services to ensure the long performance life of your furnace.


What Are The Indications That My Furnace Needs To Be Replaced?
Certain problems indicate that you need to call Furnace Installation and Repair services. These problems include pilot light failure, insufficient heat supply, sluggish ignition, and unwanted odors. If you notice any decrease in energy efficiency, it is also an indication to get professional furnace service help. Low energy efficiency will require more power, increasing your monthly billing cost.

When Should I Change The Air Filters?
There is an air filter installed in your heating system. It has an important role in preventing the entry of dust and dirt into the system. If your air filter is not working properly, your heating system will get clogged and show bad performance. Moreover, it will allow harmful air to stay inside your home, which is dangerous for your health also. So it would help if you thought of replacing your air filter as recommended by the manufacturer or every 90 days. Moreover, this should be followed by regular cleaning and maintenance of the air filter to ensure their durability.

How Should I Choose The Perfect Furnace For My House?
When choosing the perfect furnace for your home, there are different factors to keep in mind. Many models are available in the market, making it difficult for you to decide. The most important thing you must consider when buying a furnace is checking the AFUE rating, which should be 80% or above.

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