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Ohio License # – 49872
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4 Things To Check Before Calling Furnace Repair London

You often have to hire services from Furnace Repair in London to repair and service your furnace. But there are some important things to check before you call the repair company. Checking these things might help you fix your furnace problem yourself without calling any professional help. If you still face the furnace problem, reach out to Perfection Contracting LLC. People have trusted us for our quality and efficient service for the past several years. We ensure that the furnace repair process is affordable and convenient for you. This article mainly discusses what you should check before calling professional help.

Things To Check Before Calling Furnace Repair London

Here are some important things you must check before getting help from Furnace Repair in London for the servicing and maintenance of your furnace.

Check the Thermostat

Before taking repair services from HVAC Contractors in London, Ohio, check the thermostat first. There are some important things to keep in mind when checking the thermostat. The most important is to ensure that your thermostat adjustment is set to “Heat.” Then look at your thermostat’s temperature setting and ensure that it is according to your environment’s demand. Then figure out if the thermostat is activating the furnace. To fix the temperature issue, you can decrease the temperature by 5 degrees and then increase it according to your demand.

Check the Power

Next comes checking the power supply to the furnace to avoid calling professional Heat Pump Services. Electricity is the source of energy for the operation of your furnace. This is true even if you are using a natural gas furnace. Make sure that the power switch and circuit breaker are “ON”. If there is a requirement to reset the circuit breaker, but the breaker turns down again and again, then call a professional service technician.

Change Your Filter

You can easily call professional Heating and Air Solutions providers to fix your furnace issues. But before you do that, make sure to change your filter first. The most common reason behind ineffective heating of the furnace is a clogged or dirty filter. This is because dirt and dust can restrict airflow into your furnace and decrease the amount of fresh air going into the furnace. Replace your filter if it is clogged or damaged. A good tip to check if your filter needs replacement is to hold it in front of a light source. If everything on the other side of the filter is visible, there is no need for replacement. But if you are facing obstruction in looking at the other side of the filter, make sure to replace it now.

Check the Pilot Light

A pilot light is installed in gas furnaces at the back of a small plate or door near the furnace base. Ensure it is always lit, so your furnace gets good ignition from the pilot light. If the light is out, make sure to light it using a grill ignitor or match.


By now, you are well aware of how to check your furnace and try to fix it before getting help from Furnace Repair in London. Perfection Contracting LLC is your first choice if you are looking for fast yet affordable furnace repair services. We provide a wide range of furnace repair services and take care of your furnace’s maintenance. This way, you can enjoy your furnace’s high durability and maximum performance life. Thus, think about this and take the right step.


Is Servicing My Furnace That Important?
It is important to service your furnace annually to maintain its maintenance. You can do this or hire a professional Furnace Installation and Repair company. Usually, manufacturers also provide servicing instruction manuals along with the product. Regular maintenance saves you from dealing with costly repairs later. Moreover, it ensures maximum durability and efficiency of your furnace.

When Should I Schedule Furnace Repairs?
Usually, it is recommended to service your furnace on an annual basis. But if you are facing any problem with the furnace during this period, you should get it serviced. Or you will have to pay a higher price later if you keep delaying the issue. So always look for a reputable repair company to handle your furnace issues.

When Should The Furnace Be Replaced?
Well, there is no specific time that we can mention furnace replacement. It always depends on the quality and condition of your furnace. The replacement duration valid for a particular furnace model might not apply to the other model. On average, you should replace your furnace every 15-20 years. This is true if you get a high-quality furnace and take care of its regular servicing and maintenance. On the other hand, if you get a low-quality furnace, you might have to replace it within 2-4 years.

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